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  • 6 Week Program: 6 weeks of group coaching, for 12 people, with Joe and Gavin 
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Hop on a call with us so we can go over your deals together and answer any questions you have.
  •  Exclusive Private Facebook Group: The 12 of you, plus myself and my team, can stay in touch between coaching calls, answer questions, and get support.
  •  Private Facebook Group: Feel free to ask us questions anytime during the week in the private Facebook group.
  • Access To Joe's Main Courses: I am taking my courses off of the market, as they are, after this year. You will get access to: Wholesaling Lease Options, Automated Wholesaling Virtual, Automated Mojo 2.0, and Lease Options Case Study (Sandwich Lease Options).
  •  Complete The Challenge And Get Your Money Back: Yes, we are going to pay you to complete the Challenge & change your life. We will give you the $2,500 investment back, even if you don't do a deal, if you meet the Challenge and beat your numbers in 8 weeks. (Details are inside the membership area.)

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If you end up not being invited into our deal coaching program, we will refund your deposit.

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